Baby nest Cotton Geo Blue steel

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The baby cocoon snugs infants and newborns, making them feel warm and comfy, and the soft material gives them a sense of security. The nest also helps babies learn how to lie on their stomach and hold their head up. The cocoon can be used in many ways:

  • in the cot – the cocoon provides protection against the hard bars of the cot, and the high sides of the cocoon make it easier to put the baby on its side
  • in the parents" bed – the cocoon keeps the baby safe and prevents it from rolling over or getting squeezed under the covers
  • on the carpet – the soft fabric of the cocoon serves as a cradle, allowing you to have your baby with you everywhere you go
  • in the pushchair – the cocoon can serve as an additional cushion, cuddling the baby to absorb shocks during walks
  • on the sofa – the cocoon protects the baby against rolling over, provided the baby is still not active and sitting on its own
  • instead of a swaddle and other covers – the cocoon allows the baby to have free leg movement, which promotes proper development of hip joints (especially when double or triple diapering is recommended)
  • during trips – the soft fabric of the cocoon allows you to easily roll up the baby and place it in the car; it’s especially useful during long trips to family and friends

Comfort and safety for the baby

  • sense of closeness and security
  • our cocoons don’t have hard elements; they’re soft and flexible, and very safe for infants
  • the nest is also perfect for toddlers as an ideal space for playing, lying on the stomach and those first exercises – lifting the head or playing with rattles nearby. And if you untie the strings, the cocoon can be used as a changing mat
  • high-quality fabrics

Comfort for you

  • double-sided baby nest
  • you can adjust the size of the cocoon with the attached cotton string; the two patterns and the possibility of turning them around provides an interesting and visual stimulation for the baby
  • the cocoon can be tied according to the baby"s preferences – very tightly in the first few weeks or looser in the weeks that follow – it grows with the baby
  • it can be used in the cot, cradle, parents" bed, pushchair, on the sofa, carpet, travel cot, as a play mat and changing mat
  • the baby can lie on its back or stomach
  • packed in foil packaging with a string handle, the packaging is aesthetic; the cocoon looks nice and makes for a perfect gift. The packaging can also be used to store the product

Information about the product

  • product type: Baby Nest / Cocoon
  • intended use: from birth
  • dimensions: width: 65 cm, length of the interior sleeping surface: 72 cm, total length: 87 cm. To gain more space, untie the string at the legs
  • where to use: in a cot, on a carpet, on a sofa, during trips, in a pushchair
  • produced in Poland
  • composition: outer fabric: 100% cotton; inner fabric: 100% cotton; filler: polyester balls
  • Washing instructions: it is recommended to wash by hand, do not bleach, dry in a horizontal position, iron at a maximum temperature of 110 °, do not dry clean

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