Breastfeeding pillow LULILOO Cotton Pink and white spots

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Universal pillow of a special shape for easy baby nursing. It provides excellent support during both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Used with pleasure even during pregnancy as it increases greatly the comfort of lying and sitting. Invaluable when your child starts playing - a safe “nest”.

The pillow ensures comfort during breastfeeding. Thanks to the granules that fill the pillow, it adjusts easily to the position you choose, which allows you to relieve your neck, back and shoulders when nursing you baby. Even during pregnancy, it allows a future mother to find various comfortable positions supporting her spine when her shape changes and her belly becomes heavier. It can be placed in any way both in front and at back of the body. When placed between legs, it stabilizes the selected position during sleep and brings relief to the spine. It can be a kind of a safe “nest” for your child during its first attempts at sitting, protecting the baby from falling. It also makes it easier for daddies to put their babies to sleep and feed them with a bottle. It is an inspiration to enjoy the closeness when lazing around as family.

Comfort and safety for the baby

  • the used fabrics are friendly to the child’s skin
  • during plays, it creates a cosy “nest”
  • it does not cause excessive skin sweating when the skin touches the pillow

Comfort for you

  • multifunctional - it can serve for a long time
  • during pregnancy, it helps you to sleep and relax
  • it allows you to relieve your neck, back and shoulders during breastfeeding
  • it makes bottle-feeding easier for daddies

Information about the product

  • product type: breastfeeding pillow
  • intended use: even during pregnancy
  • produced in Poland
  • dimensions: 170 cm
  • made of safe, certified fabrics meeting human-ecological requirements

Washing instructions

It is advisable to wash it at a temperature of 40 °C, not to bleach it, apply a gentle drying process and iron it at the maximum temperature of 150°C, do not dry-clean


Removable pillowcase: 100% cotton; filler: elastic, anti-allergic pellet of silicone polyester

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