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Cone wrap Elephant

Time of delivery 7 days
28.00 EUR
Very functional, warm and comfortable baby wrap for nursing the youngest and putting them to sleep. It provides the child with comfort and gives the adult a sense of confidence.

A cone wrap is a well-known and practical cover for a baby, creating a safe and secure “bundle.” The wrap makes it easier and more comfortable to hold and feed the baby as well as put the tiny tot to sleep. The cone-shaped wrap allows other, less experienced family members to hold, take care of, play with and look after the baby or take and cuddle it in their arms. Anti-allergic inner side - 100% cotton. On the outside, different combinations of always - skin-friendly fabrics. When spread out, it can be used as a quilt or mat to look after or play with the baby.

outer fabric: 100% cotton (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate); inner fabric: 100% cotton; filler: 100% polyester
It is advisable to wash the wrap by hand, not to bleach it, dry it flat and iron it at the maximum temperature of 110°C, do not dry-clean.

Comfort and safety for the baby


  • comfortable and secure way of holding your baby during breast- or bottle-feeding
  • it immobilizes and wraps the infant’s delicate body, isolating the baby from too intense stimuli
  • with its pleasant softness, it protects the baby against getting cold
  • from the very first moments after the child’s birth, it helps the baby to sleep more peacefully
  • the fabrics used meet the highest quality and safety standards, which means they must not contain any ingredients that can irritate or penetrate the baby's skin (100% cotton certified with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100)

    Comfort for you


    • while holding your baby in the wrap, you have a sense of comfort and confidence
    • it enables other family members to take the baby in their arms with greater confidence and gentleness
    • when changing nappies and clothes, the wrap forms a mat on which the baby can lie and frolic merrily

    Information about the product


    • product type: cone wrap
    • intended use: from the moment of birth
    • use options: baby wrap, quilt, mat
    • made in Poland
    • composition: outer fabric: 100% cotton (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate); inner fabric: 100% cotton; filler: 100% polyester