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Cotton nappy

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5.00 EUR
Absorbent and delicate. Natural nappy for important purposes and ... it is simply pretty. Muslin delicacy of pure cotton. Very soft, absorbent and skin-friendly. It can also be used as a light blanket or a cover for discreet breastfeeding. Indispensable when you tend to your baby. It absorbs liquids superbly, wraps your baby and gives it a sense of warmth and safety.

A nappy is a necessary element of a layette. It turns out to be very useful in many situations - as a handy bib, a mat when your baby needs changing, protection for the parent’s clothes or a light towel. You will certainly find a lot of other practical uses for this nappy, for example, when bathing and playing with your baby.

100% high-quality cotton. Made of safe, certified fabrics meeting human-ecological requirements
It is advisable to wash the nappy at a temperature of 40 °C, not to bleach it, dry it in a vertical position and iron it at the maximum temperature of 150°C, do not dry-clean.

Comfort and safety for the baby


  • durable and strong yet very delicate for your baby's skin
  • absorbent and delicate to meet all the demands that you face when tending to your baby
  • it meets the highest quality and safety standards
  • it does not contain any ingredients that can irritate or penetrate the baby's skin

Comfort for you


  • thanks to their trendy designs, the nappies are both pretty and very practical - they match every pram, cot or car safety seat
  • they have many intended uses - from a nice and light blanket for wrapping your baby to an absorbent and gentle towel for drying the infant after a bath or as a cover during the summer heat and protection against insects, for example, during a nap in the garden

Information about the product


  • product type: cotton nappy
  • intended use: from the moment of birth
  • use options: blanket, towel, cover
  • made in Poland
  • dimensions: 80 x 80 cm
  • made of safe, certified fabrics meeting human-ecological requirements
  • composition: 100% high-quality cotton