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Swaddle Elephant


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The opinions parents share show us that swaddles are a very good idea. They create special conditions for newborns similar to those in a mother's womb. They differ from sleep sacks and help a baby fall asleep fast, though every child is different and how each feels depends on their personality. Many parents notice very positive reactions when swaddling their child. And the swaddle doesn’t restrict the child's movements – its hands are close to the body, but the legs remain free. It’s a kind of cocoon that creates a unique feeling of cosiness

100% cotton
It is recommended to wash by hand, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron at a maximum of 150 ° C, do not dry clean

Comfort and safety for the baby


  • the visible effect of wrapping, associated with the conditions in a mother's womb, helps the baby to calm down and sleep well
  • it keeps the baby warm
  • high-quality pure cotton guarantees healthy and gentle contact with the baby's skin
  • it helps your baby sleep well from the very first moments after birth
  • it gives the child a special feeling of cosiness and safety

Comfort for you


  • when swaddled, babies fall asleep faster, and their sleep tends to be calmer and deeper
  • practical and easy to use

Information about the product


  • product type: swaddle
  • intended use: from birth
  • produced in Poland
  • made of safe, certified fabrics meeting human-ecological requirements
  • composition: 100% cotton



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