About us

About us

We know that for you your baby and his or her healthy development is important from the day one. Over the years we have been working to promote parenting and support parents in this new, unique role they are to play. All we create is manufactured for the sake of loving hearts.

Company WOMAR is a Polish family business. Since our beginning in 1989 we have specialized in manufacturing baby and children products and most of what we manufacture is exported to more than 40 countries. We have created Zaffiro brand to promote products which support those parents who are aware of the importance of intimacy and bonding with their baby from the very first hours after birth. We propagate the concept of carrying children "Heart by heart", in baby slings and baby carriers, reintroducing the wise tradition of previous generations, rediscovered and developed taking into account contemporary psychological research.

Heart with HeartPhilosophy of Zaffiro company

Harmonious development of man begins with a close bond based upon feeling of safety and attentive presence. Toddlers need to be close to their parents, feel their touch, scent and heart beating. Therefore, we hand you pillars of philosophy "heart with heart".

  • Closeness is the baby’s primal sense. Closeness creates a natural bond with parents, generates heat, calms and gives a sense of security. The sense of touch awakens in the second month of life, and children respond instinctively to a mother’s caress. Children want to be touched and they use touch to discover the world around them. The first closeness is a mother’s HEARTbeat.
  • Care is the priority for parents. It strengthens the delicate parent/child relationship, provides guidance, and facilitates development in a safe and creative way. A child can sense if they are being cared for with love. Care is the HEART which understands.
  • Mindfulness is a special kind of attention, combining care with wisdom. Good parents strive to maintain a balance between authority and empathy. Through understanding their child, parents will carefully determine when to react and when not to. Mindful HEARTS do not judge, but lead.
  • Connection is to see the world through a child’s eyes. Provide them with a sense of security without which they will not experience the freedom of childhood. An overwhelmed child may act out in frustration or use sleep as an escape. Connection creates security. A connected HEART knows its needs.
  • Balance is to find harmony between a child’s world and the world of their parents. How we care for our children affects how we see ourselves in the world. Little HEARTS set the rhythm of big HEARTS.
  • Freedom means everyone can be who they are. Freedom exists when the child and parents have their own thoughts, feelings and reactions. Life should be lived in accordance with the heart. Love begins where HEART is free.
  • Development means that the relationship between parents and child is constantly evolving. Babies seem to change faster than parents, but for both sides time passes. We need to be sensitive to every opportunity to grow together. A HEART, which does not develop, stops beating.
  • Fulfilment. All members of the family should be fulfilled. Everyone’s needs are important and everyone has a unique space to fill. A fulfilled HEART is happy and peaceful.

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