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It prevents babies from reflux in a lying position, which means bringing the food up involuntarily. This pillow has been specially designed and made of soft but stabilizing foam covered with fabric pleasant to the touch and easy to wash. There are circumstances when a physician may recommend the child’s position should be changed in a controlled way, e. g. when baby assumes habitually only one position, which is not beneficial to the baby’s harmonious anatomical development. In such a situation, the pillow prevents child’s musculoskeletal system from deformation

Comfort and safety for the baby

  • made of 100% cotton
  • it prevents the baby from position changing
  • it prevents baby from choking when spitting up problem occurs
  • reduces flat head syndrome
  • it helps to overcome the baby’s tendency to assume a single position habitually
  • it is helpful when a physician has recommended that the baby’s position should be controlled
  • it does not contain any ingredients that can irritate or penetrate baby's skin

Comfort for you

  • practical and safe solution facilitating childcare
  • it gives you a sense of control when it is needed
  • very easy to keep clean

Information about the product

  • product type: sleep positioner
  • intended use: from the moment of birth to 6 month (or to the moment when baby can change his/ her position himself/ herself)
  • not recommended during sleep or nap time
  • made in Poland
  • using the product with baby inside must be under the surveillance of an adult, who can prevent baby from uncontrolled rolling over on his/ her tummy or face, which may consequently lead to suffocation
  • not medical product
  • made of safe, certified fabrics meeting human-ecological requirements

Washing instructions

It is recommended to wash by hand, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean


Outer fabric: 100% polyester; filler: 100% polyurethane

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