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Stroller bag SLEEP&GROW ECO - light beige

Time of delivery 7 days
45.00 EUR
For those who like long walks with babies outside. Features of our sleeping bags filled with pure wool are waterproofness, hygroscopicity and natural thermoregulation. They are practical, warm and universal. Suitable for strollers, sledge and if you are out on the veranda. We also produce them of Polar fleece and MINKY fabric.

The sleeping bag does not restrict the baby’s movements and does not cause overheating and excessive sweating thanks to the free air circulation inside the sleeping bag. The child can move its legs freely and sleep well, even if it fidgets a lot. With the sleeping bag, the baby can “wander” around its cot, never throwing off the bedclothes. Zaffiro sleeping bags are made of “breathable” cotton exclusively. During sleep, your child should have a cover that enables natural temperature control.

outer fabric: 100% polyester
inner fabric: Natural sheep's wool; filler: 100% polyester
It is advisable to wash the sleeping bag by hand, not to bleach it, dry it flat and iron it at the maximum temperature of 110°C; do not dry-clean.

Comfort and safety for the baby


  • it does not restrict the baby’s movements.
  • excellent cover during sleep
  • it eliminates the risk of getting cold (which happens, e.g. when your baby is not properly covered with a blanket).
  • it ensures proper air circulation and thermoregulation

Comfort for you


  • it eliminates the need for checking the child frequently during sleep and ensures peaceful sleep, not only to the child

Information about the product


  • product type: sleeping bag
  • intended use: from the moment of birth
  • dimensions: 83x45cm / 106x45cm
  • produced in Poland
  • composition: outer fabric: 100% polyester
    inner fabric: Natural sheep's wool; filler: 100% polyester.