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Harness Graphite

Time of delivery 7 days
8.00 EUR

Ensuring safety at a distance. The harness supports the child well and prevents it from falling out. It can be used in prams, pushchairs and high chairs. With an additional belt, the harness helps the child learn to walk and effectively prevents falls, without restricting movement


Your child is developing well and is becoming increasingly interested in the surrounding world. Often, due to excitement, the child may lean out of its pushchair or seat too much. This is when a harness is imperative both for the mother and child. It’s useful not only in a pushchair, where it acts as a safety belt, but it also provides assistance when learning to walk. For use in prams, pushchairs and high chairs, it prevents the child from falling out. The harness can be adjusted to the child's height and pushchair’s size. It’s also convenient for parents! Parents can use the harness to walk with their child in an upright position. IMPORTANT: Always place the harness over the child's clothes!

100% polyester
It is recommended to wash by hand, do not iron

Comfort and safety for the baby


  • added support in a pushchair, pram or high chair
  • easy adjustment of size and length
  • helps the child learn to walk

Comfort for you


  • comfortable and secure central buckle
  • easy to attach and highly durable

Information about the product


  • product type: harness
  • intended use: on walks, in a pushchair
  • produced in Poland
  • dimensions: 65 x 34 cm
  • composition: 100% polyester