Sleeping bag Vintro Pastel Wool Grey

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It provides real comfort on cold days. For those who like long walks with a child in the fresh air. Filling from natural wool guarantees excellent thermal comfort. Practical, warm and universal.

They can be used in deep prams, strollers, car seats and as a sleeping bag for sleds. Multi-point holes for seat belts allow the child to be securely fastened. The waterproof outer material provides reliable protection against wind, rain and snow. Appropriate shape – the sleep sack allows the child to move freely. Natural wool filling guarantees excellent thermal comfort and an appropriate level of humidity.


  • dimensions: 90 x 44cm
  • intended for children from birth to at least 2 years of age
  • produced in Poland
  • windproof
  • waterproof (protects against wind, rain and snow)
  • insulated with 100% natural sheep's wool
  • possibility of adjusting the upper part of the sleep sack, which forms a hood
  • front blanket can be detached
  • the system of holes for 3- and 5-point seat belts fits every pushchair
  • universal 5-in-1 ideal for a gondola, stroller, for a sled, for a car seat and as a warm pad for a pram

Comfort and safety for the baby

  • does not restrict child"s movements
  • eliminates the risk of hypothermia (e.g., when the baby is not covered well with the blanket)
  • ensures adequate air circulation and thermoregulation
  • insulated with 100% natural sheep's wool
  • possibility of adjusting the upper part of the sleep sack, which forms a hood

Comfort for you

  • allows for longer walks, even on very cold days
  • can be used in prams, pushchairs, larger car seats and sleds
  • multi-point holes for safety belts ensure your child is securely fastened in many types of vehicles
  • waterproof outer material effectively protects against wind, rain and snow
  • stain-resistant fabric repels dirt

Information about the product

  • product type: sleeping bag
  • dimensions: 90 x 44cm
  • produced in Poland

Washing instructions

Do not wash, do not chlorinate, do not iron, dry clean gently, dry in a horizontal position


Outer fabric: 100% polyester; inner fabric: wool; filler: 100% polyester unwoven fabric

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